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Lawrence  Habegger

Lawrence  Habegger

Name: Lawrence Habegger

Position: Nurse Practitioner Candidate, Grampians Regional Palliative Care Team

Organisation: Ballarat Health Services

Website: www.grpct.com.au

Qualifications: Master of Advanced Nursing Practice (Palliative Care)

Selected Publications:
Hayes, A., Brumley, D., Habegger, L., Wade, M., Fisher, J. & Ashby, M. (2005). Evaluation of training on the use of Graseby syringe drivers for rural non- specialist nurses. International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 11, (2): 84-92.

Current Memberships: ANMF, Cancer Nurses Society of Australia

Areas of Interest: The transition from acute care to palliative care

This expert is available for: Consultation/patient assessment by referral to GRPCT, telephone consultation, education sessions.

Contact Details:
Phone: 5320 3553
Fax: 5320 6493
Pager: 4607
Mobile: 0408 612 699
Address: PO Box 199 Ballarat 3353